Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my sissy friend

Ken would do anything for Heather. He would tell her that all the time. Today Heather wondered just how far she could take it. How far could she get Ken to go. And would he do just about anything? She needed an idea and called her best friend Megan. Megan loved the idea of pushing Ken to the limit and jumped on the internet. Megan was thinking about turning Ken into a girl and she stumbled up a sissy maid website. Megan saw photos of men dressed in cute panties and frillies cleaning up for their Master or Mistress. And Megan and Heather both loved this idea! Heathers apartment was a little messy at the time and decided to turn Ken into her own sissy maid. She texted him to come over, and he showed up almost immediately after. She started toying with him.
"Rather ambitious aren't we Ken? You got over here rather quickly." Heather started.
"It was no big deal I wasn't doing anything so I just jumped in my car," Ken continued, "you know I would do anything for you."
"Oh yay! I'm so glad you said that Ken. Cause I need help cleaning today. Would you mind being a doll and helping me out?" Heather asked as Ken was almost to eager to accept.
"Yes of course anything you need!"
"Good start pulling out some trash bags and cleaning supplies from out underneath the sink." Heather started walking upstairs to her bedroom. "I need to grab something real quick."
Ken walked into the kitchen and did as he was told. Soon enough Heather was downstairs and waiting for him in the living room. She was holding a pair of black panties and matching bra and laid out a french maids uniform on the couch.
"Very funny Heather," Ken laughed.
"Hey you said you would do anything and I need some deep cleaning done," Heather said, "now you are not going to want to get your clothes dirty so i suggest you change. I got you some underwear and an outfit."
"Heather thats bra and panties and a dress."
"I dont have any boy clothes I'm sorry. I need help you said you would do anything. Now are you going to help or not!?" Heather screamed.
"Ok i'll do it, "Ken said giving in.
"Good here are your panties and bra, and this is the only maids uniform I had. Now strip sissy!"
Ken started to take off all his clothes and was embarrassed standing there in just his boxers but Heather encouraged him to continue and Ken slightly turned around pulled off his boxers and slide the panties up his legs. He had to admit to himself that they did feel nice.
"You know Heather these are actually comfortable." Ken said.
"I knew you would like them. Now the bra and dress. You have a  lot of cleaning to do. But if you don't finish today you can pick up tomorrow." Heather explained.
"What are you turning me into?" Ken asked.
"Oh sweety you are my sissy maid now." Heather said as she walked away. She headed upstairs to grab her phone and texted Megan. "It worked! He's wearing a bra and panties and is getting ready to clean" she texted. Megan got the text and knew she had to head right over.

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